Physical Difficulties

Transitions between lessons

  • Allow the student to leave the lesson slightly before the rest of the class in order to beat the rush to their next lesson

  • If not already employed, promote a 'keep on the left / right' rule when transitioning

  • Ensure the CYP has any mobility aids with them

  • Consider using a buddy or adult to carry equipment such as books, pencil cases etc

  • Promote a calm and orderly atmosphere for all when transitioning between lessons


  • Keep all classrooms and corridors devoid of clutter

  • Ensure that classroom layout is suited for a CYP who has an identified mobility issue

  • Prepare the CYP for any layout changes

  • Keep floor coverings flat and smooth

  • Ensure that the CYP can access learning in physical lessons and isn't required to 'observe others'

Difficulties with spatial awareness

  • Provide physical prompts to reinforce social spacing

  • when writing, use handwriting paper to keep handwriting steady

  • Consider the use of a physical spacer for spaces between words

  • Explicitly teach about boundaries for personal space

  • Give examples to replicate when drawing or creating art / craft